Award Winning How To Edit Your Writing Course… with

Gabriel Gbadamosi

4 weeks - Oct. 27

A ‘work in progress’ course for those who have a first draft of a novel or story, are stuck halfway through, or are beginners looking to shape or develop their next piece.

Short Story Lab I: Starting your story… with


Sun 8th Nov

The first in Maria Thomas’s series of workshops for budding and practicing short story writers.

Award Winning Friday Flash Fiction Course… with

Catherine McNamara

4 Weeks - Sept. 19

One-hour weekly Flash Fiction online workshops with Litro’s Flash Friday Editor, Catherine McNamara, where you will learn techniques to write flash fiction and tools to confidently put your work out there.

Award Winning One-day course: Writing as practice… with

Joanna Pocock

One day - 21st Nov.

A fun, practical workshop for writers who want to dive into free writing and see where it takes them. 

Writing for Resistance Course… with


6 weeks - Nov. 13th

For those with some experience of writing creatively, this inclusive and supportive class offers an opportunity to learn more about the history and diverse forms of resistance literature.

Nourishing your creative writing from home course… with

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Weekend - Nov. 26- 27th

Kick-starting, improving and enhancing your creative writing. You will explore and develop approaches to achieving creative fluency, adopting a regular writing practice, and learning creative focus.

How to Become a successful Writer… with


4 weeks - 14 Nov.

If you love the writing craft but get overwhelmed with all the steps you think you need to take to become a writer, this course is for you.

How to Break Writer’s Block… with

Andrew Blackman

4 Weeks - Sat. 21st November - 12 December

This course deals with the common problem among would-be writers: feeling blocked or unable to write. This block could be due to lack of time in a busy life, or it could be psychological resistance, often driven by fear.

Award Winning Short Story Course… with

Catherine McNamara

4 weeks - Oct. 10

This series of one-hour short story online workshops will be taught by
Litro’s Flash Friday Editor, Catherine McNamara, author of The
Cartography of Others
Pelt and Other Stories and Love Stories for
Hectic People

How to make the most out of Twitter Course… with

Hayley Webster

Weekend - Nov. 14 - 15.

In this two-day weekend workshop, you will learn how to build Twitter
followers, engage with the writing community and potentially meet
your agent on Twitter – all in a way that feels genuine to who you are.

How to prepare for a Book tour and Events… with

Hayley Webster

One day - Oct. 24

A one-day intensive course on setting up your own author tour. Tutor Hayley Webster has performed at various festivals and run seminars for writers, including at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups annual meeting.

Award Winning How to fit writing into your life Course… with

Hayley Webster

4 weeks - Oct. 24

A four-week course that will teach you how to integrate writing into a busy life, introducing tricks and tips for being a creative writer while also holding down a full-time job.

Dealing with disappointment in publishing Course… with

Hayley Webster

One day - Oct. 31

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” This one-day course will help budding writers deal with disappointment along the journey to getting published and not let the disappointments change the course of their writing careers.

Podcasting Course… with


4 weeks - starting Jan. 23

This four week workshop will teach writers everything you need to know about podcasting and give you the tools you need to get started.